Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Boob Talk

My obsession with YouTube beauty gurus took an interesting turn tonight. The two girls, women actually, pictured above, are Essie Button (left), and Amelia Liana. They are two of the more entertaining beauty gurus I've stumbled across recently. What Lisa Eldridge provides in beauty knowledge, these two take a step further by making it entertaining. As much as I love Lisa, there are times when I yearn for more than just watching her fluff blusher onto her cheeks with a hideously expensive Japanese makeup brush against a white backdrop.

In the video, Essie and Liana talk about what it's like to have boobs. They've also talked about their periods, and other female topics that no longer apply to me, but all the same, I find them sweetly endearing. They also make me wonder what life would have been like if YouTube existed 25 years ago, when I was roughly their age.

For the longest time, my opinion of YouTube was not a very positive one, until I discovered these girls/women making themselves up for tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands (and millions in some cases) of subscribers. These videos got me over some seriously rough patches as I recovered from my mastectomy, and dealt with all those detestable chemo treatments. 

While some of the YouTube girls/women are, shall we say, a little clueless in the life department, and could use a bit of help with diction and grammar, these two are the real deal. What made me want to write about them was their authenticity, which reminded me of the W.H. Auden quote I used in my previous post. 

Two women discussing their breasts can be a bit off-putting, especially when the complaints start flying, and the topic turns to boob jobs and wanting to look like Pamela Anderson did in Baywatch. That's not what these two did. Their honesty and humor while discussing boobs was so refreshing, it made me forget that my own set is likely compost by now. I wanted to join in and regale them with stories of my own first bra, how once I fell out of a strapless bra at a sweet sixteen, and got molested in a lingerie shop by a bra fitter who got frustrated because my nipples refused to hold their position in the center of the cups. 

All women have stories about their breasts, regardless of how old we are, or if we even have breasts anymore. Not having breasts doesn't mean you're no longer a woman, and what brought a tear of happiness to my eye was that these girls get it. They're half my age, and they get it. They're also earning major scratch making these videos, but that's a conversation for another day, on another blog. 

The income thing notwithstanding, my faith in womanhood has been bolstered a bit, thanks to Essie and Amelia. They understand that your endowments can be a blessing and a curse, but they're not representative of who you really are. 



  1. My junior high nickname was The Board. Oohhhh, that stung. And they never did grow to a respectable size. I am really okay with that now (hello, still perky at 50) but then? Oh, man. I can still feel it.

  2. I think the most embarrassing boob moment I had was in the fifth grade when one of my intrepid classmates of the opposite sex figured out I was wearing a bra. He felt it necessary to tell everyone. It wasn't something we were very open about back then.