Saturday, March 21, 2015

Roasting Completed

I'm posting a few days late again. This time, I've been busy tending to my roasting injuries. It is absolutely shocking how quickly your skin goes from "pinked" to the worst sunburn you've ever had in your life. 

My epidermal decline went into overdrive last Monday, when the skin in my underarm area started peeling, unbeknownst to me, because I couldn't feel it, and because I was in a pretty dense fog less than 24 hours after having to part with my cat. From there, it just kept getting worse. At present, I am beet red across the entire left side of my chest, and the redness has crept about halfway up my neck. I don't even want to discuss what's going on under my arm. All I will say is that I am so thankful I don't have any sensation in most of that area. If I did, I'd probably need to be in a medically-induced coma, or attached to a morphine drip. 

Please keep in mind that like everything else having to do with cancer, the radiation experience is different for everyone. Maybe I got a little full of myself with all the "schmearing", thinking that I would get away completely unscathed. I don't know how much worse it would have been if I hadn't been diligent with the skin care. Regardless, it's over. And once the sunburn has healed, I don't want to think about it anymore. 


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